Monday, February 23, 2009

The First issue of the magazine is OUT!

Hey Guys,
I am proud to announce the release of The Street Fighter Magazine's First Issue. If you have not heard before about the Street Fighter Magazine, it is a free distributed Online mag that covers everything Street Fighter.
The first Issue is now available for you to download here.
Issue #1 includes:
- TWO exclusive  and very inofrmative interviews with Ono San and Seth Killian.
- Reviews for HD Remix and Udon SF comics
- A special SFIV section.
- Sinsation sfIV tournament exclusive coverage and interviews with top sfIV players.
- A history of Street Fighter Anime
And Much More....


  1. When I try to download it, I keep getting this message:

    "We are sorry, but this site has exceeded its bandwidth limit at this time. Please try again later. For more information, see Google Sites help."

  2. I can't wait to check this out! Please don't give up on this project, keep the dream alive!!!

  3. Congrats on the Capcom-unity feature!!

    Might I suggest you add a donation button? You efforts are all so great and even if this isn't in print people want to pay to have it!

  4. This is great work. I'm so glad to see the Street Fighter world flourishing.
    I am close to finishing a Street Fighter book, which will be licensed by Capcom. I would like to invite the editor to have a first look at sample chapters for review. If you are interested, please email

  5. I agree with blazeryu! The beatdown is back after all these years!

    About the magazine, I definitely enjoyed it, especially the comic... hopefully we will see Akuma making a cameo in the 1st Street Fighter tournament.

    It's great to see how yo guys got together to do this. Keep it up ^^

  6. Hey there, love the idea of the magazine, I'm a huge Street Fighter fan and have been for a long time.

    I'm also a comic book artist and was wondering if I could contribute original artwork to the magazine at all?

    I know the great artists at Capcom and Udon have lots of great, but if you ever needed artwork for a specific article, would it be possible to take part somehow?

    If there is, by all means email me at

    By all means, check out some of my work:

    Thanks, Marvin.